Mission Statement and Vision

Cross the Line Foundation is a not for profit organization that supports Veterans from all branches of service by raising awareness of Veteran related issues and causes and to partner with other Veteran organizations which raise awareness for similar issues. Cross the Line raises funds which are allocated directly to agencies that assist Veterans with cognitive counseling, housing, employment, healthcare, and research.

Cross the Line vision is to become a direct link to resources that will assist Veterans with their reintegration from service, while continuing to raise awareness to issues affecting those who served.

Core Values

  1. Always display integrity and strength of character.
  2. Volunteer and serve others with a sense of stewardship, purpose, and pride.
  3. Believe that all people have worth, something to offer, and add value to society.
  4. Develop partnerships that are meaningful for veterans and reflect positively on the community you represent.
  5. Have faith in your fellow man, and never give up hope that together we can make changes.